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Performance Reports

What is a performance report? This might also be referred to as a performance evaluation, but put simply, this report is an informative way of testing the "fitness" of your machine. If the system has been well maintained, it should be able to pass this exam with flying colors. If the machine has undergone some abuse or its maintenance has been irregular, it could fail some parts of the test and be considered unsuitable for use.

Luckily, that is not the end for your machine! There are likely different maintenance tasks that can be done to bring it back "into shape." Depending on the issue, it may be possible that a part or two could need replacing, but these steps all contribute toward getting a "passing grade" for your radiography machine to be safely used in your practice.

To help with this, we offer service visits, but we also offer what we call Wellness Visits.

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Wellness Visits

Wellness visits are a general maintenance of your Fovea machine that you can schedule once or have as a reoccurring service. Just speak to a sales representative to schedule a specific frequency if this is something you'd like to have regularly.

During this visit, a trained Fovea Technician will look over your machine, do some general clean up, and calibrate the physical and software parts of your machine. We even include a Performance Report in our visit!

Need more explanation on what a wellness is?

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Other Services

Our technicians are also able to work on systems that are not sold by Fovea! This includes, but is not limited to, different dental units, mobile radiology systems, competitors' full-body systems, software, and more!

These maintenance items and tasks vary, so please speak to one of our team members to see what this includes.