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Warranty and SupportAdditional Warranty and Support

You have the option to purchase additional years of warranty and support for a nominal fee.

Customize TableCustomize Table

All of Fovea’s systems come with a predetermined table style. We can offer table upgrades to change that preset system design. This provides you with the ability to customize your system based on your needs.

UpgradesUpgrades to existing systems

Contact us for any upgrades you need.

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Upgrade ScintillatorUpgrade Scintillator

Upgrade from GADOX to Cesium Iodide.

Cesium Iodide vs GADOX:  Cesium Iodide provides improved MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) resulting in crisper images with superior contrast resolution. Cesium Iodide also provides brighter more efficient utilization of the color spectrum to the optical component of the camera. The end result is much improved. DQE (Dynamic Quantum Efficiency) which means significantly less dose per radiograph.


Fovea Digital Radiography is one of two companies that introduced DR technology to veterinarians nearly 15 years ago, and the only one of those two to survive today. Fovea brings veterinary specific software, imaging, techniques and workflow to digital X-Ray. Our systems work better, because there’re designed just for veterinarians with years of feedback from veterinarians.

Every Fovea system is backed by an available 5 full years of parts & labor warranty. Every system comes with our exclusive Support for Life program, giving you live access to our friendly technical support team as long as you own your system. No other company provides veterinarians with the support, warranty or diagnostic reliability that Fovea offers. Call us today!

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