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Our story begins with Bailey. Bailey was a gentle, friendly and playful chocolate Cocker Spaniel and was beloved by his family. When Bailey was just a pup he ran out excitedly to meet the family car when he accidentally got caught under a tire.

His family rushed him to the local veterinarian for emergency treatment. Horrified and anxious for any news, the family waited for the doctor to return with word of Baileys condition.

When the doctor returned it was determined that Bailey would need X-Rays immediately to determine how extensive the injury was and what steps should be taken next.

Using his trusty old film X-Ray system the doctor carefully took several views of Baileys rear extremities and abdomen. However, this was a long arduous process that resulted in films that were not entirely clear. As the time passed waiting on the results, the family became more and more worried as they wondered if Bailey would live.

Greg, Fovea’s founder and Baileys human dad, wondered why the process took so long, and how it could be made better. The process of radiography had been around for decades, but not much advancement had been made. He knew then and there that it was time for a change.

Greg assembled a team of engineers and professionals guided by veterinarians, technicians and radiologists to investigate how to take the emerging developments of digital X-Ray that existed in human radiography and use them to create a whole new leap in technology for veterinary clinics. A digital X-Ray system created exclusively for veterinarians, their unique workflow and demanding diagnostic needs.

Fovea was born.

Since 2005, Fovea has been leading the industry by constantly innovating, exploring the limits of what’s possible in digital imaging, and most importantly, by listening to to the needs of veterinarians. Unlike every competitor Fovea has, we are 100% focused on digital radiography for veterinarians. We don’t serve the human market, and we are not involved in blood chemistry testing or services. Our sole focus is Digital X-Ray, exclusively for veterinarians.
Fovea is privately and locally owned, and we source over 85% of our components from American companies. All together, our supply chain supports over 2,000 US workers. We’ve also been committed to employing retiring service members from all branches of the US armed forces.

It turns out that Bailey was going to be just fine, and as Bailey grew, he became friends with all who knew him and he became our mascot, and our four legged office friend. Because of Bailey, millions of other four legged friends now have the very best in radiographic diagnostics available.



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Fovea Digital Radiography is one of two companies that introduced DR technology to veterinarians nearly 15 years ago, and the only one of those two to survive today. Fovea brings veterinary specific software, imaging, techniques and workflow to digital X-Ray. Our systems work better, because there’re designed just for veterinarians with years of feedback from veterinarians.

Every Fovea system is backed by an available 5 full years of parts & labor warranty. Every system comes with our exclusive Support for Life program, giving you live access to our friendly technical support team as long as you own your system. No other company provides veterinarians with the support, warranty or diagnostic reliability that Fovea offers. Call us today!

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