About Us

About Us

Fovea Digital Radiography, the first digital radiography provider to be exclusively dedicated to the veterinarian field, is one of two companies that introduced DR technology to veterinarians nearly 15 years ago, and the only one of those two to survive today. Fovea brings veterinary specific software, imaging, techniques and workflow to digital X-Ray. Our systems work better, because they are designed with veterinarians in mind and with years of feedback from veterinarians.

Every Fovea system is backed by an available 5 full years of parts and labor warranty. With the purchase of our systems, you can also ask about our Support for Life program, giving you live access to our friendly technical support team for as long as you own your system. No other company provides veterinarians with the support, warranty, or diagnostic reliability that Fovea offers.

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Greg Owen with Bailey

Greg Owen

Bailey's best friend, and committed to the success of digital radiography for animals, Greg's focus is to expedite the process it takes to help you and your animal companion to have a happy and healthy life.

  • Role: President, CEO of Fovea
  • Goal: Exceed the Standard of Veterinary Care
  • Founded: 2005